Muslim Chaplaincy Review

As the leading organisation in Muslim chaplaincy, AMCed is available to undertake a thorough review of your current chaplaincy services. With a growing number of Muslim students entering higher and further education, and an increase in the number of international Muslim students, it is essential that education institutions understand the needs of these students.

Guidance Documents

AMCed is involved in developing guidance documents that assist institutions in making appropriate and informed decisions that ensure Muslim students and staff feel supported, respected and part of your institution. The guidance documents aim to equip institutions with good practice within the sector, as well as the relevant information to make key decisions around accommodating religious practice on campus.


We also have a wealth of experience and access to Muslim chaplains already working in the sector. Their experience, good practice and understanding is available to assist in the development of institutional understanding. AMCed can provide consultants who understand this sector as well as chaplaincy experience to guide you in challenging decisions around equality and diversity, events and speaker policies, in addition to managing the ongoing safeguarding developments linked to counter terrorism and extremism.

Chaplaincy Review

AMCed was invited to undertake a review of Muslim chaplains at the University of Manchester, which was attended by chaplains from both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. The chaplaincy provision was reviewed and the key recommendations made were for further training and development. They also conducted a review of prayer rooms at a London university. If you would like an independent review of your Muslim chaplaincy or prayer room, AMCed can contribute to the process. Please contact

Recruitment Services

AMCed provides a comprehensive recruitment consultancy service, both to prospective chaplains and to the institutions that are planning to hire them. For chaplains, we provide support in developing CVs, interview techniques and improving their skill set, as well as any other aspects that will help improve their chances for employment. For institutions we are here to assist in drafting a job description, explain the interview process and help the short-listing of candidates.

If you are currently working as a Muslim chaplain in the Education sector, AMCed is a national independent non-profit organisation working to provide support, guidance and training to develop your chaplaincy practice. In an ever changing educational environment it is essential that you remain abreast with developments in educational, legal and political policies that impact your work. AMCed not only aims to ensure its members are fully aware of changes in practice affecting Muslim chaplaincy, but we also aim to develop this field of practice, carrying out research from which institutional guidance can be developed.

As a member of AMCed you will be part of a national network of Muslim chaplains. We will enable our members to share good practice, deliver quality training that aims to promote the delivery of a professional service, whilst also ensuring the needs of our members are represented in discussions affecting the education sector.
We aim to organise forums, workshops, seminars and conferences that will present developments in the field of Muslim Chaplaincy, whilst providing a platform for Muslim chaplains to raise issues, concerns and areas of good practice.

AMCed also aims to support the development of new Muslim chaplains in the education sector via a training and mentoring scheme. As experienced Muslim chaplains you would have the opportunity to provide insight for trainee chaplains, sharing from your experiences as well as being part of their professional development by getting involved in our mentoring and shadowing programmes.

Key areas of activity

  • AMCed aims at giving a voice to Muslim chaplains nationally, and offering chaplains advice and support.
  • It will look at raising the professional standards of chaplains by developing specific training – not just in pastoral and spiritual support but also in listening and communication skills, dialogue, presentation, facilitation, mediation and mentoring skills
  • AMCed aims to ensure chaplains can represent Islam effectively, in order to dispel misconceptions and to share the understanding of cultural and faith sensitivities with others. This could include training in equality, culture, faith and diversity. In this regard, AMCed will seek to work closely with other Institutions in these fields
  • AMCed also aims to undertake curriculum development and research to enhance current chaplaincy training. It will contribute to the development of articles, research papers, journals, and resources in the area of equality, culture, faith, diversity, and community cohesion
  • AMCed will offer advice and support to institutions and organisations. It aims to direct organisations and institutions to articulate chaplains who can facilitate and lead discussion groups and deliver presentations
  • AMCed will encourage active participation in student support. Some chaplains have voiced isolation and a lack of support by institutions in this regard and particularly in some cases, where chaplains are being undermined
  • AMCed will promote Muslim chaplaincy and chaplaincy concepts to the Muslim community and the wider community at large in order to gain recognition, acknowledgment and support
  • AMCed will assist in the recruitment and placement process of Muslim chaplains in the education sector
  • By ensuring a higher standard of chaplaincy through support, advice, networking, training and workshops, AMCed will raise awareness of their services and aims to serve the community, educational institutions, students and staff and stakeholders, and will in turn promote and increase community cohesion.


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